Most homeowners realize that a good roof is protection to your home, so does Pro American Home Improvements. To know when to re-roof your home, is difficult for an untrained eye. Making the choice to restoring or replacing your roof is a significant choice to make. A new roof is your biggest asset on your home. Your roof must be installed correctly to achieve the utmost protection.

Choosing your roofing shingle nowadays, you have many different styles and they are made of many different materials.


You’ll probably be living with your roof for years to come, so consider the following tips before finalizing a shingle decision.


Choosing an asphalt shingle that suits your home can be overwhelming, since there are thousands of options on the market. Before picking shingles, check to see whether your homeowner’s association or community organization has regulations about allowable color schemes. To narrow your options further, look for roof shingles that complement your siding or brick. Remember, light roofing colors typically make a structure seem larger and more contemporary, while darker colors can make a building feel cozier and more traditional. Your roof shingles help tie your home’s exterior look together, so talk with your Pro American Home Improvements.professional about the best color options for the look you’re trying to achieve.


Shingles come in a variety of styles, depending on your budget and taste. Large format shingles cover more area in less time, but they don’t add dimension to your home’s roof. If you’re looking for a more depthful, custom look, consider laminated or “architectural” shingles which come with tabbed layers for added dimension. Strip roof shingles can also provide texture, since they can be layered to add depth to your roof’s surface.


Life span, sturdiness and weather resistance are all important considerations when you’re replacing a shingle roof. Ask Pro American Home Improvements. about their Platinum Preferred Owen’s Corning shingle options that will withstand weather extremes without wind damage or algae buildup. In addition, give yourself peace of mind by choosing roofing shingles with the Platinum Promise™ Limited Warranty, which backs workmanship for 15-20 years. Pro American Home Improvements.